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First teaser trailer for Dante Lam’s upcoming movie, That Demon Within, starring Nick Cheung and Daniel Wu. 

Synopsis from Twitchfilms:

That Demon Within stars Daniel Wu as a cop who unwittingly saves the life of a vicious psychopath, only for his compounding guilt to send him an an obsessive and psychologically unbalanced path of vengeance as Nick Cheung’s killer leaves a trail of dead cops and civilians in his wake. Andy On, Liu Kai Chi and a number of EMP’s new faces star in what promises to be one of the year’s most explosive thrillers.”

Go to the twitchfilms article for images from the film HERE.

my mouth and throat gets irritated and itchy when i eat peaches and plums so i never get to eat them anymore. last night i had a dream i ate peaches and plums and my mouth wasn’t irritated at all and i was so happy. i was so happy you don’t even know. this is so sad i dream about eating fruits